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Sep 11, 2004
Coventry (near Birmingham
right before i go on dont bite my head off im not asking how to do it or ect :p

but been having a nose about the grey cinq today and some bits look different, how could i tell if it was a 1242 in there?

there is a big gap in the right hand side but no gap in the yellow cinq, different positions for the lambdar sensor (it has two connections, although could be to do with the perf manifold)

just an idea as ive been told the previous owner was a rich kid. hence the koni adjustable suspension.

cheers kris (y)
no really massive noticable difference to be honest.. check the reg docs. ital say on there was size the engine is if the declared it. check the engine number againced the one on the reg docs.. if its the same then whatever it says on the reg docs is right.
also the manifold/downpipe connection would have a spacer or some other mod fitted
not touching the headlight and no spacer :(

oh well guess you cant expect everything from a cheap cinq guess ill have to do with the koni adjustable suspension, janspeed manifold and perfomance exhaust :p

guess i was expecting a little much lol.

cheers for the info any way, i should have thought about the space thing my self

kris (y)
GhostWKD said:
Cambelt cover will touch headlight on a 1242 :p

Neither of mine did / do.

Engine number is on the flat horizontal surface above the water pump, about 2" x 1" (sorry. 50mm x 25mm :rolleyes: ) under the manifold on the part nearest the cam belt cover. You will need some emery cloth or similar to clean it off and read it.
fixitagaintomorrow said:
Neither of mine did / do.

Could've sworn both my cambelt covers touched the headlight :eek: maybe i had a larger cover or something :eek:

Also other thing didnt click onto, if its a janspeed manifold it doesnt fit a 1242 without modding the manifold lengthening it (which its not 100% if its even possible due to the design)
Nail on head Ghost, as normal.

Darn it, that was going to have been my most accurate and helpful reply this month, then I scrolled down and saw you had put it!
GhostWKD said:
Could've sworn both my cambelt covers touched the headlight :eek: maybe i had a larger cover or something :eek:

Ah - did yours have electric adjusters?
ahh well still cant complain thanks for the advice though (y)

puts me in an awkard situation though.

do i put a 1242 in the yellow cinq and try and pull the major dent in the silver and leave all the perf part on that though (apart from the koni suspension)

put all the perf part on the yellow cinq and break the silver cinq

or do a 1242 on the silver cinq if i can get all the body work sorted

so many decisions :bang: i though having 3 cars would be good
Was the Grey one written off? If so the yellow un is always gonna be worth more, so I'd keep that one.

If not, I'm thinking of someone else who got a spare cinq for spare bits.

Yellow cars go faster, dont they Ghost?
fixitagaintomorrow said:
Ah - did yours have electric adjusters?

Think so now you mention it :D

And well yep yellow cars go faster :D as do loud exhausts and blur'd graphics (ok not tried the last one but the theory is all there (y) :D )
been told the gray one hasnt been recorded.

dont need parts for it though apart from two new doors as the damage is to the rear quarter cill and pannel. it has got probably nearly 50 recipts with it so was thining try my hand at panel beating, filling and smoothing.

should look very unique at the end if i do it. lol :p
thought i would bring up this old thread rather than start a new one. as you know i have a janspeed complete exhaust sys from manifold down.

what needs to be done to the manifold to make it fit the 1242???

not fussed about the rest of the system as my mate has a twin exit both side exhaust that i want off him eventually, but would like to have a go at making this one fit (y)

cheers :D
iirc you need some kind of spacer... if you read the FAQ in the tech section it says about engine swaps in detail.. would of thought this has been covered..

Yeah you need a 10mm spacer, though it would be better to use a 15mm one.
Cant spacer the janspeed manifold (think thats the one you have) and its not economically viable to get it modded, i looked into this (even cutting it and welding in 15/20mm of pipe overlapping) but the place i spoke to said the 4 branches would arc outwards if cut or something? :confused:but in short the janspeed wont fit the 1242 unfortunately, i've been there and tried and so has fixit and a few others :(