Tuning 1050 abarth remapped ecu

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Tuning 1050 abarth remapped ecu


Nov 13, 2019

watched this video of a 1050 abarth 70hp engined cinq with 38mm throttle body.

Guy reckons he has a spare ecu with a map done for him by a marreli engineer with a suitable map for the 1050 (different ignition curve etc)

Worth picking up by someone that does tuning chips?

I would imagine it being a decent enough map on a p75 cam/tb swapped 1108 too.
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The MK1 Punto engines people are fitting are 25+ years old lol ( fire engine was developed to replace the ohv engine about 35years ago and still in use today)

Some people just want an upgrade to what is already there, an 899 is the same style of engine and displacement is king.

a fire engine swap requires gearbox, drive shafts etc a 1050 abarth swap doesn't and will net more power than a sporting or Punto spi engine out of the box,

if a ready made map exists for the conversion to spi on the abarth 1050 surely sharing the info can only benefit all the 899 owners looking to improve performance. (And by extension 127 owners looking to convert to fuel injection)
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