General 10 reasons why I should buy a punto...

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General 10 reasons why I should buy a punto...


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Jan 7, 2006
ello all

I've just planted my 306 Cabriolet into a fence so need a new car, saw a shiney looking Punto HGT Abarth on a 02 plate with 20k on the clock in the garage forcourt going for £4195 which seemed reasonable.

So then, what makes a Punto a good car? Does that seem a fair price? And what makes a Punto a bad car?

Any thoughts would be appreciated, will be gutted to see the Cab go... :cry:
How about i give you 1 good reason........

If you buy a punto hgt you will get to see that ":eek: what the fcuk :eek: " look on peoples faces when you whip there arses off the lights :slayer:
Aye its the looks of the thing that got me (thought they were xenon lights!), though I still need to find about a grand to buy the thing, don't really want to pull the credit card out as I've been trying really hard to pay it off. What about the price I gave, does that seem reasonable? I know the garage pretty well and they've always been trustworthy
KeithT said:
But DO try not to bend it there's a (y) good chap!

Damn fences, the farmer that pulled me out told me I'm the 83rd person to come off there in 3 years, council won't do anything about it until someone dies (n)
wolfracepunto said:
£4195 - thats well under book price (y)

sweet :)

its a bright red one, the interior is dark grey and blue with shiney bits

is it possible to turn the traction control off? *flashback to fence incident* ummm... no, scrap that one