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Technical 1.6 with Engine fault


Dec 3, 2004
Last week whilst driving, the 'engine fault' notice displayed and the yellow engine symbol on the dash came on.

Car felt OK with no changes to engine power, delivery etc, so I kept driving to work. Called RAC later that day and they came and plugged in with their computer.
The following fault codes were stored

They include a misfire on each cylinder, a general misfire, lambda sensor error, but there are 7 codes - how can 7 faults occur simultaneously???. Can someone tell me EXACTLY what these codes are and how come they all were there???

The RAC then reset the ECU and the car has been fine, with the light staying off - UNTIL TODAY. Driving down the same bit of road, the light has come on again, with the same non symptoms of engine troubles. What has caused this and how do I cure it. I do NOT want to go to ANY Fiat dealership if I can help it, as I don't like them, and don't want to pay for them to say the usual ' no fault found ' rubbish. Clearly it is intermittant, any ideas???

Thanks in advance.
The same bit of road? :chin: very weird....

Not near GCHQ is it.
Tis strange, but it is the M69 in Leicestershire, not near GCHQ or any other 'sneaky beaky' place.
Any one help with this????

Is there a plug that if slightly loose could trigger sall these, if it lost and then re-made the connection?
Ah yes, there is a plug to check, some infamous connector - let me look for post....

*makes note to self - update stickies*
Ah well, only a thought :p

I may move that D4 info to the Home Fixes sticky....
No your quite right to suspect it,at least you remembered;)

All the codes are ignition/coil/misfire related except 0136 which is oxygen sensor related.
If you dont want to use dealers why dont you get the RAC to find the fault for you? Next time the fault occurs, stop by the side of the road and call the RAC and get them to find the fault for you. If the RAC guys can read the codes then they should be able to find the cause, thats all a dealer has to work from, the same codes that the RAC have.
The codes you mentioned are crankshaft sensor and Ignition system, check all the connectors to the coil pack. Also have you tried putting a good fuel system cleaner such as Redex or Grease lightning in your tank. I have had the same problem with my 1.6 Dynamic. Now i use Grease Lightning regularly never had another problem and I've covered about 8000 miles since it last happened. Let me know if you want a list of the faults I can e-mail them to you. Check E-bay for OBD2 diagnostic tools, you can buy the diagnostic unit that can put the engine light off for about £30.
It has now gone out by itself. I just got in and started and it never came on.

So lesson learned is to ignore the light it will eventually go out. and the dash doesn't ping, ping, ping and say engine fault either.

So I'll be leaving it alone.
Same problems on the same stretch of road...:chin: Maybe some electrical interferance of some kind? My stepdads Pug 405 had similar problems when one of the neighbours was using his CB radio (with a 40ft antenna in their back garden:eek:).
He he - good old CB aerials - I used to have a 7/8th wave Sigma 4 attached to the back of my house - a 26ft aerial bracketed to a 30ft scaffold pole :D

Used to run a nice 300W burner through the sidebander I had :nono: - get the ideal 'skip' conditions, and talking to South America no problems...

Although I probably took out the whole TV network in my immediate vicinity :eek:
Today on starting the car I was greeted by the "dreaded beep" and "engine fault" error message.

As in the case above, the car feels perfectly normal and sounds perfectly normal and the fuel consumption has not dropped or anything.

I want to avoid taking it to the Fiat dealer, as invariably it returns with more wrong than it went in with. I just wanted to know whether it is advisable to ignore the engine fault warning in the hope it will go away, or whether it is better to bite the bullet and take it to Fiat?


I'm getting the dreaded "engine fault" warning/light on my Stilo 1.6 Petrol Active and although the cras was initially stalling when the problem arose - after stopping and restarting the engine a few times it's now - apparently - running o.k..

I don't much fancy puting the car into the dealer - £72 for a Diag Check !!!! - and was thinking of getting a cheap OBD scan/reset tool off ebay or similra but I've heard some rumours that you can completely screw up your car....

....anyone actually bought one and used it successfully ? if so which one and how easy are they to use ?