General 1.2 sporting engine in a cinquecento

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General 1.2 sporting engine in a cinquecento


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Feb 28, 2006
hi all just wondering how i can put a 1.2 sporting engine in a cinquecento does it go in easy or do you have to move the engine mounts
Punto 1.2 Sporting yes?

The 1242 16v? Wont go in easily...I'll say that much, but if you want it to go in, it can be done!!
Oldschool said:
As I have done it I can tell that it is not as difficult as it may seem. But this is probably easy to say for me doing such kind of work for a living.

Ooh...whilst were on the subject...what clearance needs to be made between the pistons and valves is using a 60 or 75 block and a 16v head to prevent the valves getting bent every cycle?

Im sure I read the SuperFIRE 1242 is an interference design, unlike the FIRE's noninterference design. Im sure 2mm has come up before, is this a hard and fast number, cos Id be interested to see how that'd effect CR, as it may make lfe easier if I was to look at a forced induction system :)