Technical 1.2 16v rod bearing size

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Technical 1.2 16v rod bearing size


Aug 11, 2012
i got a 1.2 16v engine for my seicento, and i want to refresh it before dropping it in the car.
is there a way to tell size of the rod/main bearings from the markings on them? for example, a rod bearing is part nr 46776774, and on it there are also markings CL16 207. is the oversize (STD/0.25mm/0.5mm) usually only printed on the bearing and the print is washed away with time? (in the end i will probably have the crank and the block measured to determine the needed bearing size, but i'd like to know anyway)

I don't know the answer off hand, i know my suzuki has a load of numbers on the mains and block which you can use to workout what size bearings it had from 4 factory options. No idea if fiat fires have something similar but if they do it will be in the workshop manuals - should be able to find copy of a model that had the 16v super fire. I only have an early bravo/a one from before they got the fire 16v and a seicento one which only ever had the 8v. I doubt such info would be in a haynes but worth checking.
If you find out i'd be interested to know - i also have a 1242 16v of unknown past sitting in my garage lol