Tuning 1.2 - 1.4 16v airbox modifications

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Tuning 1.2 - 1.4 16v airbox modifications


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Oct 10, 2014
West Yorkshire
Evening all,

Saw someone selling a modified airbox from the punto (same as the stilo airbox) - it was in the classifieds yesterday on here.

I have some questions, i have played about with various airboxes in the past and never really noticed any differences - apart from the noise (similar to a K&N air filter).

Has anyone else modified a stilo 1.2 / 1.4 airbox and had any gains in MPG, responsivness etc - not really fussed about power gains, just smoother drive-a-bility and maybe better MPG.

One thing i noticed with the airbox on sale yesterday was they had cut out a rectangle underneath it, right above the manifold heatshield - this cant be good at all, it did have mesh to stop big bits getting into the airbox but i can only think it will get drained by hot air rising from the manifold and heatshield - can only imagine that you will only get any gains when the rad fan is fully on as its cold air blown onto the engine and manifold and would get sucked up into the airbox - that could be good... but not all the time.

Also, the air port inside the box was cut open so the air going into the intake manifold would be increased, however - the cold air feed that sits behind the grill is totally useless as it clips to the front shunt bar above the bumper / behind the grill and is totally blanked off!!! so no point in it even being there, for the life of me i cannot see where air could enter this oval shaped pipe that connects to the inlet of the airbox...

I was thinking of opening the inner port in the airbox, cutting a port hole behind the grill so the oval shaped intake got air rammed into it when moving and not stationary and also maybe cutting the underside of the box like the one for sale... but also making a duct for it so that air can be rammed into it when the car is moving forwards..

Ideas, thoughts, anyone already done this and had any improvements, really getting bored stuck in doors with a broken foot and need something to do for a positive reason...

Help peeps :)
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