Technical Configuration of Cruise Control module - Fiat Stilo 1.4 2005

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Technical Configuration of Cruise Control module - Fiat Stilo 1.4 2005


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Mar 17, 2024
(Also posted on Multiecuscan forum)

Hello everyone,

I am brand new in the forum and in using multiecuscan in general.

The reason I am posting this question in this forum is because I am hoping of finding help with the following matter(s)! Thanks in advance for any help!

I have a Fiat Stilo 1.4 95hp of 2005. The car was not equiped with cruise control (CC) from the factory. After some thorough research on FiatForum, I came across a detailed article describing in detail the instalation process (

It appears that my Stilo has a semi-predisposed connector (D4B) in the battery area. I found the CC stick from a scrapyard, together with the other side of the D4B connector and the connector that goes in the steering column (so, it was easy to plug the cables). While for others who have tried to connect it, it seems that the CC was working and it was only missing Proxy Alignment (to make the green light on the dashboard come on), in my case the CC was not working. The electrician who connected everything used a software (I don't remember which one but he said it is not Multiecuscan, neither Fiatecuscan). After some tries, he told me that despite the body computer recognises the CC (e.g. there was a tab in this software and when he was turning the CC stick "ON" the software indicated "activated" and when he turned the stick "OFF" the indication on the software was "deactivated"), he couldn't make it work, let alone having the green light on the dashboard coming on. Before he quits trying, he told me that there's a possibility that another software is required (he mentioned multiecuscan) or that my ECU doesn't have the CC module avaialble. Additional web research suggests that I may need a clutch/break sensor, but this is something that I think my car has already.

I am now here to ask if I would be able to try alone by using the free (or 50 EUR paid) version of multiecu scan, and if so, what is the connector compatible and what are the exact steps I need to do?

For now I have this simple OBD II scanner that I used from time to time to diagnose basic faults -->
It was very cheap one, but with the Android app I use it seems to work. Will this work with Multiecuscan installed on my Windows 11 laptop?

Any idea(s) for the general issue on how to make the CC working (if possible) would be much appreciated.