Technical 1.4 16V engine refresh

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Technical 1.4 16V engine refresh


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Jul 28, 2018
Hi there guys. I just became owner of a "nice" multiwagon with the best FIRE engine - 1.4. So I wanted to ask about few things.
1 - What maintenance should I do as a new owner? I ordered new NGR plugs and air filters. Oil and timing belt was just replaced by prev owner, so that will wait.
I'm also going to clean throttle body.
Any seals or sensors to replace?

2 - speed... it is very slow. I know I can't compare it to my other 150 HP mjet Fiat, but it has problem to maintain 130 km/h at highway on higher gears. Is that normal, or I can help it somehow?

3. Any way to make it more reliable for LPG conversion?