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Temperature sensor

13-reg 4x4 TA. After sitting in the Umbrian sun for a while the temperature read-out on the dash registered 40 degrees (it was b----y hot) when I started the engine. Since then the temperature reading has clearly been faulty, generally quite a few degrees low but appearing to go up, or down, with the conditions, and sometimes seems about right. I'm assuming thr sensor is up the spout and will have it replaced. A couple of queries. Is the sensor in the left-hand door mirror as it was on the previous model? As I have plain aircon, rather than auto climate control, I assume there are no implications for the aircon function (which has worked very well during June when temperatures in central Italy were around or above 40 every day), but is there any input from this function to the engine management, or does it pick up info on ambient temperature from elsewhere - the TA engine is much more economical when the weather's hot?
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Re: Temperature sensor

I can answer your first question, or two, but not the last.
Yes, the temperature sensor is still in the LH door mirror. You can see the bump on the bottom side - at least I can on my 2012 TA Lounge (with air con but not automatic climate control).
There should be no implications for your air con. The only temperature sensor might be to disable the AC if the evaporator temperature gets too close to freezing.
I don't know if it is read by the engine management.
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Re: Temperature sensor

The temp' sensor is likely to be just a sensor for the temperature gauge in the car.

My old Alfa 155 had climate but not air-con and it used the sensor to know whether or not to heat the car up (it obviously could not cool below ambient).. If your Panda has air-con with auto climate control then the sensor also probably informs the B-BOB for that too but I doubt that it makes any input to the car's ECU (otherwise non-a/c cars wouldn't know what to do).

My old JTD suddenly thinks it's in Italy whenever the temperature goes above +16C... I never see more than 60mpg on the computer at any other time. But I think this is because of high air pressure rather than high air temperature; the two often happen at the same time.

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