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Thumbs down FIAT UK.............Great Help!!!

Hi Lauren

I recently saw your post on the FIAT Forums so I thought I'd drop you a
quick line. I complained to FIAT Uk about having gone through two sets of tyres on my Stilo in 11000 miles. My complaint was made in May/June, I wrote a letter to you and emailed your department twice, I have to date received no response. I recently purchased a third set of tyres from one of your dealerships and I have paid 30 to have my tracking aligned by an independent specialist. Not bad for a car that has only covered 12800 miles, eh? I also asked if there were any outstanding recalls on my car but I didn't receive an answer to that question either. I'm pleased to see that you people at FIAT are actually reading the FIAT Forums and realising that many of us have had problems with FIAT. I have to say that most of my problems have come from the dealership or lack of communication from FIAT Uk. It's no good selling a product and then offering no or very poor customer support and aftersales, is it? Luckily, my Stilo has been very good to date, I've only had a few teething or niggly problems (other than tyre wear and poor fuel consumption) but my aftersales experience could have been a million times better. Would I buy another FIAT? Well, if I answered on the car alone, yes, but I wouldn't buy into FIAT again because of the lack of support once you've made your purchase, you take the money then devolve yourself of any responsibility! Would you or someone in your department show me the courtesy of responding to this email?

Savi (AKA Twincamms FIAT Forum Stilo Moderator)

Dear Savi

Thank you for your enquire on our website.

Unfortunately at the Fiat Information Centre we can not comment on such matters and therefore would like to inform you that we have forwarded your emails to the correct department.

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service Helpline on: 0800 717000 and push option number 2. On this number, you may also call to log your complaint for the Customer Relations Office. Office hours are Monday- Friday, 8am-9pm and weekends, 10am - 4pm. Any one of our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist with your enquiries.

Best Regards

Fiat Information Centre
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Re: FIAT UK.............Great Help!!!

Somehow I dont think you're gonna get that e-mail from the correct dept
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hi friends :waves:
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Re: FIAT UK.............Great Help!!!


Tyre wear and poor fuel consumption eh?

I'm getting images mate.

Yes it's really me!

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Re: FIAT UK.............Great Help!!!

TC, have you tried contacting the Fiat (GB/UK) head office? Contact their main reception, they're likely to have a customer relations dept for cases that their main contact centre can not handle, once you've got through to them you're in with a better chance. Looks like there is an issue with tyre ware after all, however it's a problem that the manufacturer can blame on ware and tear. Good luck
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Re: FIAT UK.............Great Help!!!

this story is far too common sadly
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Re: FIAT UK.............Great Help!!!

When I first got me HGT the only problem I had with it was that the airbag light stayed on all the time. After several attempts from my local dealership the problem was still not solved and in the first month of having taken delivery of my brand spanking new car it had been off the road for approx 3 weeks.

I wrote a letter of complaint requesting a full refund and compensation as I felt as if I had been sold a lemon as the "full trained" fiat technicians were unable to fix it. I sent a copy of the letter to the dealership, one to Fiat GB Slough and even one to Fiat HQ Torino!

After 2 weeks of waiting for a response, they came, collected the car, left me with a courtesy car and took my hgt to Uxbridge, Desira where they had a "Cheif Technician" who would take on the job. They had the car for 2 weeks and did in the end fix the problem and threw in a set of Abarth kick sills and matts.

Got there in the end. But it was hard work.
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Re: FIAT UK.............Great Help!!!

Does sound like your car gets a bit of a thrashing! I know many Cinqs that eat front tyres in 10,000 if driven hard all the time, I used to get 20,000 and I didnt hang about, just drove smoothly! Still, two sets in 11,000 is mad.

Re your email, its better to write to them, emails get lost etc. However you got a standard reply there, it will be dealt with by someone else. Try phoning as well....
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mmmmmm pie
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Re: FIAT UK.............Great Help!!!

Correct Department = Deleted Items.
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