Fiat 1200tv Transformable decoding help

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Fiat 1200tv Transformable decoding help


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Sep 10, 2023
Thanks for the add to the group here, and I will say I am not a Fiat newbie as on owner, just new to the Transformable car.

I recently purchased this “1959” Fiat 1200tv that I feel is probably actually a 1958, but can’t seem to find any decoding or solid reference to production year, so I was hoping there was an expert or two in here.

I have chassis number 103G 115 003464 that is a single family owned car with some decent records, but they seemed to have had to get a title issued in Texas from a state that didn’t have classic car titles, so they have the car down as a 1959. I am pretty sure the car is earlier than that being a 1958, and that the cars details or Texas DMV got mixed up as the car was Willed and moved around to others in the family through the years.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, because I would definitely like to know what I have here.


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Well I've found this 1958 FIAT 1200TV Spider Chassis no. 103G 115 001850 Engine no. 103G 004 411504

Chassis and engine numbers are much lower than yours. On chassis yours is 1614 behind in production.

I can see the intrigue / confusion because for this above 1200tv the sales details state:

"A copy of a letter on file from Fiat Auto in May 1982 confirms that this baby blue TV was built in September 1957 and invoiced to Fiat Motors of New York on December 16, 1957". So why is it a 1958 as oppsed to 1957 model. Possibly the "1958" is if you like a "marketting" identifier to distinguish this new model with the 1200 engine from the then current 1200tv with the 1100cc engine.

Often a good place to look is under the dashboard at the wiring looms. These often have labels with dates and part number on. However even if these labels exist in those days they did not have "just in time manufacturing" so many parts were in produced and stocked long before the vehicle was assebled.