Before we start I am not going into too much detail here as many of the routines are simillar others posted.

1. Nip down to your local motorist discount shop and invest in an 8mm allen key or socket - the type with the ball end so that you can attack allen screws from angles other than 90 degrees or straight on. This is crucial to making the job easier as the bolts not only have a 16mm hex head but the 8mm socket too.

2. You can only get to the alternator by jacking up the car and removing the right front wheel and the plastic inner wheel arch covers (seems almost all the jobs I have to do involve doing this)

3. You will now see the alternator nested neatly in the top right hand corner of the gap, along with the two bolts: The bottom mounting bolt is easy to get at, it is the adjusting bolt at the top that is the pig.