basic list needed

1x Trolley jack*
2x Axle Stands*
1x 18mm Socket* or 18mm Spanner#
1x 15mm Socket* or 15mm Spanner#
1x Suitable Ratchet for both sockets*
1x Wheel bolt remover (tyre iron)
1x Torque Wrench*

Now that's the basic you need if everything was like showroom fresh - i can tell you now these items below will help you lots
1x Heat Source IE blow torch* or oxy acetylene torch
1x Penetrating Fluid
1x Wire Brush or Wire Wheel/Brush Attachment*
1x Breaker Bar*
1x Impact Gun Setup

* denotes what i used to help me
# denote the size that was fitted to my car, it may vary upon previous work done and different versions
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