So you keep getting that persky light on the dashboard when driving?
Its the Bulb Malfunction

The punto has a system that can detect if there is a malfunction within the certain lighting circuits

So what does it mean?
Well it a malfunction of a light somewhere - its upto you to find out which or where

The system covers
Sidelights - Front and Rear
Brake Lights - 2 rear in clusters
Indicators - Front, Rear and Side
Fog light - Rear, (at time my 2004 Active sport warns of fog light malfunction)
Reverse light - This is an assumption here, since my 2004 has fog warning, why not the reverse light too!

What isn't covered?
Front Headlights - but that's obvious as people flash you and you wonder why the hell you cant see at night
Front fogs - Not Yet tested this theory, but i don't recall these been covered
High beam - you probably wont know till MOT time, or weekly checks
Numberplate light - Mines popped, no light
High level brake light - If 1 of the many pops, i do believe no light activation

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