If you're having the same problem as I had...here's the erm.... sort of... fix.

Strip all the rubber trim off, door card off etc. Oh by the way there's a clip on the back of the window winder you need to push out with a screwdriver.

Carefully peel back the weatherproofing just enough to get your hand down to the plastic clip on the back of the lifter mechanism. This just pushes down and off. Don't lose it if the little retaining strip snaps.

I'm assuming you've vacuumed out any remaining broken glass.

Wind the window mech fully down.

From the outside, put the pointy end of the glass in the door slot, tilted about 20 degrees from upright. Gently let it slip through your hands slowly while rocking it side to side. In my case I was rocking it side to side in frustration as I'd already decided I'd have to take the thing to AutoWindscreens to fix it.

Suddenly it just slipped in. I hope that happens for you too.

Straighten it up, latch the hole in the glass on to the window riser, push the clip back.

Push the rubber seal back into place around the window frame, making sure that you get it fully home, peeling back the seal lip on the outside and tapping it tightly home on the metal.

Put the winder handle WITHOUT the retaining clip on the winder spindle, then wind your new window smoothly up and check the plastic glass clip doesn't fall off.

All okay?

Take the winder back off the door, put the door card back - hooking it on to the top first and making SURE the door cap is seated properly against the glass. Clip the door card back, put the clip on the winder and push into place.

Stand back, admire.