OK first of all this is a guide, it's how I did the Job. If you have the misfortune of damaging your car, I take no responsibility. I take no responsibility for your lack of safety. :)

Right park the car on a flat solid surface put it in first or reverse after turning the engine off, chalk the front wheels with wooden wedges or what ever else you have available. Loosten of the master cylinder cap, Loosten the wheel nuts on one of the rear wheels jack the wheel up, lower onto an axle stand and remove the wheel.

Next remove the hub grease cap
so you can see the hub nut

Now put the wheel back on using two nuts will be sufficiant and lower the wheel to the ground. Using a torque wrench or a long tyre bar loosten the hub nut
it may take a bit of force.

Now again jack up the car lower onto an axle stand and remove the wheel.

Next Job is to remove the rear caliper followed by the disc pads (Make sure the Handbrake is not on or you will never get it off) Remove the two 13mm bolts you may have to place a spanner on the inner nut 14mm I think (I used an imperial spanner as all my tools were in Manchester

You now have to remove the caliper axle mount by undoing the two 8mm allen key bolts

Now remove the hub nut fully and you can use the brake disc as a bit of leverage to slide the old hub off. The hub comes complete with the bearing and should come off as one although one of mine broke into many pieces

Remove the two lug bolt that hold the disc to the bearing 12mm

Now have a look at the old bearing in comparison with your lovely new one

Time for a ciggy or a coffee

Ahh! that's better

Right....now slide your new bearing onto the stub axle after giving it a good clean
(you can bolt the disc onto the bearing with the two lugbolts either before or after sliding the bearing on)

Now tighten the new hub nut 32mm but not fully at this stage just till there is some resistance.

Re attach the caliper mount brake pads and caliper (reverse of removal)
re attach the wheel with two nuts & again lower to the ground.

Now tighten up the hub nut to the required torque setting 280nm You may have to borrow a specialised torque wrench as they don't normally go to that high a setting.

Next raise the car remove the wheel and re attach the hub cap but make sure you fill with grease first.

Make sure you clean the disc of any grease oil dirt etc put the wheel on properly drop the the floor tighten the wheel nuts and get on with the next one.

about 25min a side will be the time it takes if you do it properly so no need to rush.

It's a perfect time to change the rear disc's or pads at this time if they are badly worn but as I forgot to buy pads and they were OKish I never bothered.

Before driving off dab the brake pedal to take up any slack from the calipers and tighten the master cylinder cap

I always replace in pairs so did both sides and i would advise anyone else to do the same. From Motorquip the bearings were £23 each

Good night & god bless