opened door it dropped a little bit

opened door a gain it fell off (did i buy coco the clowns ex demonstrator?)

very heavy doors these it would at the least smash a toe if it dropped on you as you opened it

i took the door off

2 10 mm headed bolts in hinges

wiring loom grey clip lifted up

two torx screws holding door stay to a post

the hinge pin that broke was the top one so it had broke on the door

on looking it is fitted into the door (the pin) and then affixed at the factory like a rivet ie the top of the pin is bashed over thus stopping this pin coming out

i went and got a scrap door and grinded the hinge so as i could get to the pin then wacked the hinge so the pin would come out

oonce pin out you can see it sits in either a brass gauze sheaf (early doors) or a plastic sheaf (late doors)

i tapped upwards with a punch on my broken door to remove the snapped pin and on my new pin i ground the end off so i could hammer it upwards into my broken door,once in it cant go anywhere

so job done

i used a rear 5 door b post hinge to connect to my a post as this obviously gets less wear in normal useage






hope this helps someone