If you've recently bought an old-style TomTom Blue&Me2 (4CS01) and it won't connect to your car's Blue and Me, it might simply be because the car's not set up to talk to a TomTom.

This guide's for a 2016 single din 'blue&me2' 595 Abarth, but it should be the same for any 500, or any other Fiat / Alfa with Blue&Me in theory. All details extrapolated from this old thread in Alfaowner - https://www.alfaowner.com/threads/blue-me-tomtom-pairing-fix.453978/ so you can thank their OP in 2013 for this :D

NOTE: Doing this update is at your own risk - doing something wrong could 'brick' your car's bluetooth adaptor, so make sure you read the instructions thoroughly (e.g. don't download the zip I linked to, stick it on a Lancia Ypsilon and expect it to work) and don't attempt it if you're not sure about something.

  1. Browse to http://www.blueandme.net. If you see a warning about needing a Flash player (if you don't your PC's very out of date!) you'll need to find some other way to view Flash content since you won't be able to get anywhere in the site without it.
  2. I downloaded 'Pale Moon' browser to work around this - https://www.palemoon.org/download.shtml but I'd recommend ditching it once the update is done since Flash is now considered very insecure
  3. Browse to http://www.blueandme.net/blueandme/index.aspx/index.aspx?brand=fga&lang=en#/support/download/ on your new Flash-compatible browser
  4. Download the Blue & Me configurator, and unzip it to your USB stick
  5. Follow the PDF instructions (for me - insert the stick in the car's USB port, turn ignition on and wait for it to say "update complete")
  6. Put the USB stick back in your computer, and open BMCONF in your favorite text editor
  7. Look for the 'configuration' section, and copy the number in it (for me 97FC0)
  8. Open a new tab and browse to http://www.blueandme.net/blueandme/Default.aspx?brand=fga&lang=en&page=support\download
  9. Search for the configuration number in the page for your car, and then browse down to the section which says your car name and the correct language, for tomtom (in my case 500 Abarth,Second Generation,Blue&Me TOMTOM2,English,|ABC80)
  10. Copy the bit after the | (in my case ABC80), replace the value in the BMCONF file, and save it. Note - if you can't find a TomTom number for your car, it isn't compatible so don't try the next bit!
  11. Go back to the main blueandme tab, and choose to upload our configuration
  12. It should then give you the link to download the tom tom update for your car (in my case http://www.blueandme.net/resources/...016/Aggiornamento_BlueMeTomTom_15_10_UK_A.zip)
  13. Reformat your USB stick, and unzip the downloaded file to it
  14. Once again, insert the USB stick in your car, and turn the ignition on. This update will take slightly longer, and will pause showing nothing on the screen several times. DO NOT TURN THE IGNITION OFF OR REMOVE THE USB STICK, wait for the car to show 'update complete'
  15. Turn off the ignition, remove the USB stick, and assuming it hasn't 'bricked' itself it should now start up as normal, and you'll be able to get the TomTom to correctly connect to the car

You'll then be able to pair with Bluetooth in the normal way, and when connected you'll be able to see fun things like directions on the speedo, fuel consumption on the satnav, etc:


If it still doesn't work most likely something's gone wrong at some point in a previous TomTom update (and TomTom's not much help with sorting that issue), but some of the features should still work. If you still find the TomTom won't connect to the car at all most likely you'll need a new TomTom

Please note - I'm not a bluetooth expert, I just like fiddling with cars, so please don't expect me to be much use if you ask for advice under this thread. Post it in the proper place, in the Blue & Me section if you have general "I can't connect to Blue&Me" questions.