well I've just replaced the front bushes and thought I'd show it with you.
There not that hard to replace, just a bit awkward to get the old ones out.

When you take the wishbones off the car remember that the ball joint is part of the same unit and not easily replaced! if the rubber dust boots are ok make sure you take care when splitting the ball joint, mine were buggered anyway so I bought a new pair of wishbones for around £45.

Tools you'll need:

  1. A bolt
  2. a hub puller.
  3. one big spanner
The hardest one to do is the inner bush, the one that sits inside the arm, so starting with this one first, put the bolt through the bush
Then place the hub puller onto the edge of the metal with the threaded part on the bolt
This will make the end of the threaded bolt touch the wishbone further up but it does still turn, just watch for the puller dropping off, it did this a few times for me, but stick at it, you'll get there.
Once it out, give the new bush a good coating of the copper grease supplied with your new bushes and press them in by hand as far as you can.
Then place the bolt into the other end of the new bush and place the hub puller on the opposite side of the wishbone. (you're pulling the metal wishbone onto the new bush)

And turn until its seated properly.

The outer ones are a lot easier,

Place the open end of the big spanner onto the bottom of the old bush and place the hub puller onto this with the end of the threaded part going inside the hole in the top of the bush.
(You can see in the photo the damage caused by trying this without the spanner at the bottom.)

Put some of the copper grease onto the shaft and then press the new ones on, I managed to press mine on by hand with no problems. if you have trouble you could use a block of wood and a hammer to tap them home, there should be a gap at the bottom of the bush. Just push them on till the shaft hits the inside of the new bush.

Job done, time to fit them to the car.

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