The process can be broken down into a few simple steps - each of which I will expand on.

  • Notice the bulb is out and obtain correct replacement (see manual)
  • Remove covers
  • Replace bulb
  • Replace covers and refit to car
Step 1 - Notice the bulb is out and obtain correct replacement (see manual)

Personally I recommend checking the manual as it has a simple table for determining the correct replacement bulb type. This guide is based around the middle of the 3 - the tail light. A quick check of the manual and the Halfords in-store guide suggests a bayonet 5W bulb (Halfords 207S).

Step 2 - Remove covers
Open the tail gate and you will see 2 screws at the top and bottom of the lens cover (A in the manual).


Undo these screws and keep them safe. Now comes the but I got stuck at! You need to give the cover a strong tug to loosen it. Don't pull too hard though as you only want to remove it enough to reach round and undo the connector. Undo the connector (press the plastic tab and pull gently). The whole light unit should now be separated from the car.


Now remove the two screws located on the back of the light unit (E in the manual) and keep them safe.


I found it was best to take the unit inside to be sure nothing gets lost or wet. You can then pull out the part which holds the bulbs.


Step 3 - Replace bulb
This really is just a smaller version of the bulbs in your house. Push down slightly and turn anti clockwise to remove the bulb. If the bulb filament is not broken then you may find the problem is elsewhere - such as a fuse.
Double check your replacement bulb is of the same type and put it in the holder. Push in and turn clockwise to secure.

Step 4 - Replace covers
This is just the reverse of what you have done so far. Remember to reconnect the wired connector before putting the whole light unit in place! Position the unit in place so the plastic clips slot into the wholes in the unit (the look like pawn chess pieces - thanks LeePunto1.9 ;)). Put the last 2 screws in place and test.

All being well your lights will be operational again :)

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