Parts Needed

Lights - I used Ring Micro Line Driving lamps, rectangular with covers - they must be able to be fitted by putting bolt through the back of the plastic holder instead of using the bracket supplied. Some lamps also come with a fitting kit which should have the right relay and some wires , crimps , shrouds and a fuse.
5m red wire 17A
5m black wire 17A
Relay with fitting braket and integral fuse holder - I used 30A 12v but 20A or 40A will do. Got one from Halfords but Maplins also sell similar for cheaper, may also be in a fixing kit for the lights . If relay does not have integral fuse holder you will need an inline fuse.
Fuse - I used a 15A fuse
Blue spade recepticle connectors - x8 and spares
Yellow spade recepticle connectors - x2 and spares
Blue 5mm ring connector - x1
Spade shrouds - x6
Two grommets
Tie wraps
Two coach bolts - need to be a bit longer than the ones supplied with the lights to fit through the grill
4 large washers (large enough to cover the gaps in the grill)
4 nuts
2 small pieces of foam
Super glue (if grill has cracks that need to be fixed before lamp fitting)

Tools needed

Crimp tool
Solder iron and solder.
Screw drivers
Hack saw

A little electrical knowledege would be helpful also!

1. Disconnect battery.

2. Remove grill, there are 3 different types of grill and the first version (on MK1) needs rivits undone to remove, the other two versions are just screwed and cliped on.

3. Clean grill and super glue any cracked parts of the grill especially near where the lamps will be fitted

4. Remove bulb casing from plastic surrounds and position holders where you want them on the grill (best to be near an upright bit for more strength), fit them to grill by popping out the plastic circle and putting the bolt through the hole, then the washer angled spacer thing that comes with the lights, then a washer, then a nut to hold it all together then foam, then put through the grill, then washer, then nut. Take it all apart again and cut the bolts to length using a hack saw so they do not touch the radiator when grill fitted

5. Fit bulb and casing back into the lamp holder on the grill.

6. Connect blue spade and red wire with shroud to back of each spot light.

7. Connect blue spade and black wire to back of each spot light.

8. Find somewhere to poke the wires through into the engine bay. On my panda there were 2 convenient holes behind the grill to poke the wires through and luckily I had two grommets that fitted!

9. Fit fuse in relay and fit relay to a suitable place in engine bay near to the alternator. I used the screw holding on the sisley water tank and needed to drill out the fitting braket on the relay to get it to fit.

10. Connect red wire and blue ring crimp from the alternator (thread through alternator rubber boot) to the pin on the relay. Put a blue spade crimp and shroud on the relay end.

11. Connect red wire, blue spade crimp and shroud from the pin on the relay to the nearest headlamp wire which switches on the main beam (using either a multimeter or a Haynes manual to find this out). Solder the red wire to the right angled spade connector in the headlight or you could cut and splice the wires together.

12. Connect both the red wires from the spot lights together with a yellow spade and shroud and attach to the relay pin.

13. Connect both the black wires from the spot lights together with a yellow spade and attach it to an earth hedgehog.

spots5.JPG spots6.JPG

14. Tie wrap all the wiring neatly.

15. Test it all works! (after checking and reconnecting battery)