Tools needed

13mm socket and a LONG extension bar or 2 and T brace (13mm combination spanner will do at a push although one earth point NEEDS a 13mm socket)

a 10mm socket and small ratchet

fine Emmery paper /wire wool

small wire brush

Some kind of grease or petrolium jelly (Vaseline)

its a simple matter of removing each earth wire, cleaning both the crimped on ring and the landing point on the car and contact point of the nut and thread on the post using a combination of the Emmery paper and wire brush putting back together then giving a good coat of grease to seal out the water...

there are four that i have found in the engine bay the Green spots give their approximate location


Lets start with the easy ones

(disconnect the earth at the battery before you go any further)

there are 2 earths under the ABS modulator


close up


both of these are held in place by a 10mm nut

now onto the one which is located on the leg chassis leg on the opposite side to the screen wash water bottle


this is held in place by a 13mm nut but has a plastic shroud around it so only a socket will fit

And finally saving the most difficult for last...

The gearbox earth strap....


First of all

use a 13mm socket to loosen both gold clutch actuator bolts

once loose remove one completely..


now with one hand hold the clutch actuator and with the other remove the last bolt


once loose the actuator will be trying to push back keep hold of it and move gently to one side and use one of the bolts to secure it to the opposite hole if it extends too far you will need to bleed the clutch


now remove nut with a 13mm socket

and re fit in reverse order take care not to over tighten the clutch actuator (its only plastic)

lastly reconnect the battery

hope this helps (y)