This guide should show you the potential of the pointless cup holder

Tools and parts needed,
glue gun (in my case)
some sort of plastic circle/ cup holder , this should make more sense at the end.

Step 1, remove the end of center console by firmly pulling side to side until it comes lose.

Step 2, after you find your self some sort of plastic circle, mine looked like this.

Step 3, cut the circle to size to, i cut mine to size a according to large monster can like so.

Step 4, check if the circle fits in to the cup holder place , like so.

Step 5, hot glue the circle in to the position , could you sealant , i used hot glue because when it come to selling the car i can just take it out and remove the clue with out damaging the panel, unlike if you would use super glue or something similar.

Step 6, put back in to place after the adhesive has settled , just pops back into place with out to much force.

this is what mine looks like when i finished.

i know this isnt much of a guide but, i just wanted to use the cup holders for there original purpose but couldnt for obvious reasons, also i thought i would share this just to give an idea to someone that wanted the same thing.Yes i know that properly a better way of using them by buying an adapter of some sort.

Anyway hope this was helpful or at least inspiring to make it better.
Let me know what you think....

P.s. Sorry for my lack of writing and spelling skills