Fuel filter change 2017 twin EGR 2.3

remove rhs headlight. not absolutely necessary but would have saved me a load of bruises and scratches and better accessibility for tools.

Remove clamps for housing 10mm bolts

remove electrical connector have to pull or push locking device first

Remove fuel pipe, have to push in two white buttons either side of yellow connector and pull off its a damn site easier with a tool ebay £6 or fabricate one from old circlip pliers.

Mark front of body and cap to maintain alignment on reassembly.
put in vice remove 6 torx bolts T25, remove cap and filter. Be aware the body may be full of fuel.

To reassemble put cap in vice and insert filter.

rotate filter to fit filter in cap
add body remember location then place assembly back in vice, cap uppermost.
Screw on cap. Assemble to firewall. Fit fuel pipes and electrical connector.