Hi All,

As with many of us driving sportings I had been told that a full size spare wheel would not fit. However, after the dealer insisting that it was impossible I fitted one.

1)Remove the plastic box thing blocking the boot...it is held in by a central bolt and removes by lifting towards the inside of the car.

2)Then, everything you want like the jack and air compressor etc (purchased from fiat seperately) has to be wrapped in plastic bags or else they will rattle around as there is no housing that will fit under the spare wheel.

3) Put these items in the centre of the hole near the central pillar and flatten the two bits of metal that stick upwards from the pillar (which would secure a standard space saver.). these can be easily bent downwards.

4) drop the spare wheel in towards the back of the car first under the trim lip. Face up. Careful to align the items inside it to ensure the wheel drops in completely.

5) Replace Carpet cover.

The wheel will not move around because it is exactly the same size as the hole.

Nothing will rattle because it is securely held under the wheel and wrapped in carrier bags.

The carpet will sit flat because the wheel is the exact depth of the boot hole it sits in.

Its cheaper than a space saver because i picked up a knock off diesel sporting alloy for £50 with a tyre from my fiat dealer all because it was slightly damaged. Makes a perfectly good spare wheel.

Hope this is useful!