okay i have no cinq so cant check spanner,bolt sizes etc so any i miss/get wrong plus im working from memory.so please reply and i'll edit the guide accordingly and delete replys to keep it neat :)

so 1st you need to disconnect the battery - terminal.
then remove the airbox.

standard engine.jpg
if you have an induction kit im sure you can work out how to remove it ;)

remove the 2 12mm nuts and washers on top off the airbox.
be careful not to drop them
pull back the airfeed to the right(N/S) of the airbox
and the crank breather hose to the O/S rear of the airbox.
lift the airbox up but dont remove.
look underneath to the rear and remove the breather/vacuum pipes from underneath the airbox and remove.

now you will see this
tb before removal.JPG

disconnect the throttle cable to the left(O/S) of the TB

disconnect the 2 electrical connectors on the right side of the TB or remove these 2 units(small torx) if your 40mm TB doesnt have these fitted and you are swapping them over.


i recommend splitting the TB in car so you dont have to remove the fuel/coolant pipes and making more mess.if you choose to take the whole TB out you can see what pipes need removed.
just be prepared for fluid losses and try to prevent any spilling into the inlet manifold once the TB is removed.

so remove the other 2 bolts on the top of the TB. in the above pic they are already removed.

leave the 4 small torx bolts in the fuel regulator in the lower section of the TB in the pic as these dont need disturbed.

once all of the above are removed the top should be free of the lower TB section so can be moved to the side as much as the piping allows.
at this point inspect all the piping for cracks and damage.
repair/replace as appropriate.

remove the lower TB section and spacer from the car.

place a rag in the inlet manifold TB hole to prevent anything falling in there.
take care here as anything falling in here can get inside the engine!
a stray nut,bolt etc could kill the engine!

you should now have 2 parts like these

tb bases compared.JPG


if you are swapping over components then fit them to the 40mm TB now

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