I got my new part from ebay seller stenetbrown http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/stenetbrown?ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:GB:1181

Friendly seller and very helpful, even provides a bit of solder.

remove ALTERNATOR from car, (see other guide)

Remove plastic black end by pulling tags slightly outwards.

Remove 3x8mm nuts, 3x washers, 2x plastic insulators.


Remove 13mm nut, washer and spacer. then 2 cross head screws, note the 2 screws are not the same size.


Carefully lift of the regulator

unsolder the 3 crimp joints and un fold them, my soldering iron didn't seem to want to melt the solder so i carefully used mini blow torch.

Lift of the rectifier and replace with the new one, crimp the crimps and re-solder, i used mini blow torch again.

Remove the middle cap of regulator covering the brushes there is a tiny tab that needs pushing in, this makes it so you can hold brushes in when refitting it,


hold brushes in and refit. replace brush cap.

Replace all the insulators. washers, nuts screws and the plastic end cover.

clean kitchen up before mrs gets home if you have one, if not relax with favorite beverage :)