There's a few sources of squeaks to try on the clutch.

Squeaks when depressing the pedal
Slave cylinder is usually when you push the pedal down and a feeling of vibration too through the pedal as the piston moves along a dry surface under load. Greasing inside the slave cylinder bore does the job. If you remove the two slave cylinder securing bolts then you can back off the cylinder from the actuating rod, remove the weatherproof boot and use your finger to smear some grease into the bore of the cylinder as this is often dry
slave 1.JPG

Squeaking when you are raising the pedal.
First of all make sure the pedal isn't just rubbing against the over foot panel. If it is (like mine did) then take the panel off and throw it away (like i did:) )
More room for your feet and you'll find you can hear your indicators better too. See where it was rubbing here? Check yours too
over foot panel.JPG

You can see where it was rubbing here.

Last one is actually in the clutch pedal assembly. There is a ball end where the cable meets the pedal and this can creak horribly Some grease sorts it
pedal ball end.JPG

NB Just to end on a high note, You can get a heavy creaking and sometimes a "PING" when depressing the clutch (usually accompanied by clutch judder) when your clutch pressure plate is almost worn through and about to collapse.
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