Unbolting suspension components.

I have read that this whole job is possible leaving the driveshaft attached to the car at the hub end.

I'm not sure if it's easier on the larger engine but all I can say is I'm glad we decided to remove the driveshaft from the car and that's what I'll describe now.

Firstly undo the two 19mm bolts securing the bottom of the shock absorber.


I was lucky in that my shock had only just been replaced so they were easy. WD40 or equivalent may be a good idea here.

then remove the nut securing the lower suspension arm to it's balljoint.
Shown here already removed


This is a 17mm nut and you'll need an open ended spanner and a bit of patience as it's awkward to get to.
What you don't want is the balljoint beginning to spin round (check to see if the threads are moving as you undo)

I was lucky removing but unlucky replacing. If I hadn't had the assistance of good ol' Dad I would have been at a loss as to what to do.
If it does start to turn, you need to place a jack underneath the lower suspension arm right by the ball joint, to compress it and hopefully stop it turning.
If it doesn't work the first time, keep trying at different angles and persevere!

With that nut removed (was yours a nylock??? mine wasn't) you need to separate the suspension arm from the balljoint without damaging the balljoint.

I expect this is where you can be all smug if you have ball joint pullers! - heres how you can tackle the job withou them.

First you need to 'shock' them to have a chance, like any stuck nut or screw. so hit each side of the part that the bolt goes through on the hub simultaneously with a hammer on both sides.

Not easy and take great care not to hit the rubber on the balljoint!

After a few clean strikes, try to hit the suspension arm downwards or pry it away from the hub (you moved the jack from the suspension arm earlier didn't you?)

It will come, be patient- if it's troublesome have a brew and think about that ball joint puller you didn't buy!

When you have separated the lower suspension arm from the hub carrier you need to remove the hub from the driveshaft, its on a spline and will need a few whacks with a hammer on the driveshaft to push it in whilst holding the hub and pulling out.

Now you need to remove the driveshaft from the gearbox, if you still have a clip secuing the inner boot at the inner end then support the driveshaft whilst you either remove the clip (easy for me as cable ties were used)
or cut the boot and remove the clip with the driveshaft on the bench.