Tools we used

Probably not a comprehensive list but I will try.


New boot (obviously) and 2xclips. (interestingly they supplied one the wrong size!)

New Hub Nut.

I also asked for a new nylock nut as I had read I would need one for the ball joint to lower suspension strut, but as it turns out it wasn't a nylock anyway (on the car or the replacement that I got).

3x Litres of appropriate Gear Oil.

Now I am aware of other threads here that state that only 1.5litres are required, maybe I got muxed dip and they refer to the the larger engine, but either way buy three litres- you will need two and a bit.
I suspect it's the 2.4 quoted in haynes, but I don't know yet as I only bought 2 litres and to my surprise they both went in so I need to buy another litre and top it up; so trust me on the 889cc buy three.

Receptacle for old oil (washing up bucket or old roller paint tray)

12mm allen key

19mm & 17mm box spanners

32mm socket & breaker bar

and I used a 'punch' for removing the stakes on the hub nut, but I am told you can just use massive brut force to overcome them.

Jack, Axle stands.

two large hammers,

piece of sturdy, flexible plastic (more on that later)


Flat Circlip Plyers (curved will work too).


Cups of tea!

Things we didn't use but will make the job easier:

Ball Joint Pullers.

Three Legged Puller.
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