I 'thought' I needed to change the inner driveshaft boot on my very recently aquired cinq' 899, as the gearchange had been a bit clunky and there seemed to be some gearbox oil leaking from it.
As it turned out it was probably not necessary, but I got peace of mind!
I was still waiting for a cheap haynes manual to turn up on ebay, so I did this with the help of my Dad and advice gleaned on this forum.

That doesn't mean we did it in the most efficient way possible, but I think I'd pretty much do it the same.

I had intended to take really detailed, step-by-step pictures, but as my Dad was helping it was kind of awkward to ask him to stop for a second whilst I got my camera (so you can work out who did the most of it, shameful as I'm 34!)
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