Vauxhall Omega 2.0 16v


so... this is what ive got:D

i was looking for a bigger car anyway, since i drive 20 miles a day with 3 passengers.
Jordan's mate bough this car a few months ago, it started to run crap, and would hardly start.
i bought it off him for £170, because i thought i might get lucky and fix it, and also because its a beautiful car, hardly a spot of rust or any dents; its immaculate!
within two days, i joined vauxhall forums, figured out how to read fault codes off the ecu (with a paperclip! :eek: ) and got it going, costing me £15 for a new crankshaft sensor!
i have since spent £15 for new back brake pads, and £40 for a new back suspension spring. there are lots of little niggles still to fix, like the temp gauge going off the scale (fixed with a good thump to the dashboard!) the exhaust blowing, and the idle control valve, are the worst faults.
now i have driven it for almost a week, and i love it!
the engine is quick, the handling is actually really good (in the dry, havent had it in the wet yet) and its a really comfortable cruiser.

Best of all, IT DRIFTS! :slayer: :slayer: :D
i realy need to stop doing it, its eating my back tires like anything!

the worst downside of it is that it drinks fuel amazingly quickly.

Oh, well, selling the punto now, il put it in the classifieds :D
i still might get another punto, i really want a project punto. (this is my excuse for staying on the forum after the punt is sold:p )

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