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Right, I've decided to start a thread showing the restoration of Pandani; my 1990 1000CL which I bought in Shipley last August for £421 via eBay.

These are the photos from the original eBay advert.




It came with an MOT and drives great but once I got it home and a detailed inspection was carried out it was evident that it may not get through the next MOT due to rot in the floor pan. I knew I was going to have to spend money on any Panda so I wasn't surprised by the work that is needed and pleased I got one at a good price that drives. :D I was happy to get a Panda after being Pandaless for nearly 20 years and was looking forward to the restoration ahead.

Coming over on Liverpool ferry
Home at last and detailed inspection begins

Before any work is started I then spent the following 4 months buying small pieces of trim and parts as well as obtaining quotes for a full exterior respray along with welding and patching. After spending a small fortune on eBay for parts and trim and thanks to Binhoker, not only for parts from his Panda 'Lipstick' but for directing me to a scrapyard near Ballycastle (probably the only one in NI that has a classic Panda), I've obtained almost everything I need to get started.

The project is intended to be a slow one for next year or two despite having almost all the stuff I need mainly due to other commitments etc. that I'm sure many of us will be too well familiar. Pandani's currently SORNed and hibernating in the garage after the welding and respray was completed a week before Christmas and I intend to have her on the road in the spring allbeit with plenty more work still needing done then.:)

I've obtained some good advice from others including people on Fiat Forum and it's well appreciated.

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