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Tipo (Classic) New Tipo (old model!)


Following the demise of the red Tipo (see previous rust thread) I obtained a new one and this is work to date. This one had a fairly long MOT failure list including excessive corrosion on both front suspension mounts, 1 rear seat belt mounting point and an advisory on the other. However the 'Liberty' special edition with air-con in SX trim was tempting and the previous owner had fitted new springs and had some tidy welding done previously. So what needs doing...

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The rear valance is heading the same way as the red Tipo and cutting off and using the remade valance from the red one may be the way forward later on.

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The inner arches are not too far gone but there was more rust at the top and the back to tackle later.

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The holes behind the front struts will be the worst to fix, just above the sub-frame mounting bolts. Both my Mk11s suffer this.

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