Jipuche - 94 Jeep Wrangler


I'm wondering how everyone will pronounce that (It should be: Jee-Poo-Cher (with a 'hard' ch)), but if you want to look up the Chinese, it's this : 吉普車 :D - which basically just means Jeep!

Always wanted to own one of these, but not much point in Taipei (Especially with the parking situation) - but since I've moved down South, there's loads of cool offroad options (including driving up and down the beach, although I'm not totally sure I should be doing that!!)

It's the 2.5L 1994 manual - I was looking at the 4L, but the tax on that here is horrible. For mine, it's about £500 a year (Road Tax, Fuel Tax) then £50 a year for the (Third party only) insurance.

Insurance works differently here too - because it's only Third party, it doesn't matter what car you have, it all costs the same. If you hit someone, you're covered up to X amount, then get sued for the rest! Of course you can take out premium insurance if you want, but for £50 you're road legal.

Cost me £1600 - then needed about £200 worth of (cosmetic) work done to the front (one new fender and one repaint) - plus the frame needed to be bent slightly back into shape (was about 1cm out, so the bonnet catch didn't hold it anymore - scary drive back down the freeway when it flipped up! :eek: ) - that was thrown in free when the fenders were done :)

Next stage is to replace all the wheels/tyres with 31cm wide jobbies and get it lifted by an inch or so (not too high though, needs to fit in the Ikea car park!) - gonna leave that for a little bit though, I'm a bit poor now, haha.

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Best place to happen - in a freeway service station :LOL:

I guess I'll be seeing him again in a few weeks...


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