Punto (Mk2/2b) Finaly! The JTD


After not bothering to take any pictures of the JTD, ive finaly got a day off and decided its time :eek:


This is a pic of the car the weekend I bought it (last) completly as standard :)

So far since ive got it ive debadged the boot (leaving behind the JTD badge and the DK sticker as i havent tackled that yet :(), detrimmed the doors and rear quaters and just this morning ive added a set of 17" Wolfrace Snipers (y)

no1.jpg no2.jpg
no3.jpg no4.jpg
no5.jpg no6.jpg

It isnt lowered yet! Still looks good me thinks :D I have got a lowering kit in the garage BUT i set about fitting it this morning only to be defeated by a bolt that rounded itself as i tried to get it off :( Not sure what to do about it but ill give it a go next week as ive got a week off and hopefully it wont be pouring with rain :mad:

The wheels have made it a little bit slower although the rolling radius really isnt that much bigger. Can definatly feel the difference BUT im sure the remap will sort that when i get it done (y)

So what you all think?

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