500 (Classic) Dexter the 1962 Fiat 500D


Welcome to my blog for my 1962 Fiat 500D.

I had already started a blog although I wasn't able to change the title and thought it would be best to start a new one with a more descriptive title for others to search and hopefully aid them in their own restoration.

I have split it into 2 sections. This part will be the main vehicle.
The other part will be the engine of which you can find here:

I took ownership of this 500 in April 2014. This was just after I bought my first restoration project, a 1971 Fiat 500L.
Sadly I was too far into the L to stop and so the D had to be tucked away until I had the time to start it.
I eventually decided to call him Dexter.

Here' some photos of the vehicle when it was first offered to me. It was at the time on the back of a trailer in southern Italy.
I confirmed I was interested in it, but really wanted to see it before being fully committed. Although I did have a certain forum member that was like the devil on my shoulder saying "Buy it"

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