Bravo (Classic) 20 valves, 2 litres and 147hp of pure italian muscle...


Some of you might know already but I have given babz my cinq due to her Sei being writted off. She needs a new car and insurance probs arent paying out out for atleast another month or so. We are moving at the end of the week and the rental company arent likely to let her take the courtesy car with her as were moving halfway up the country! Ive done the manly :)p) thing and given her my car! Not free but ill take whatever the payout is for it whenever it comes through.

Anyway, Obviously I need a new car now... I didnt want something boring or slow as my insurance has just dropped so I can actually afford something with a bigger engine!

I looked at a number of cars to go for... Honda CRX Vtec, Rover 216 Coupe 1.8vvc, Alfa 145 cloverleaf, Alfa 146 2.0 16v.. etc.

But that would mean leaving the fiat crew.. which i didnt want to (y) :D



Say hello to my Bravo HGT :slayer: Painted in Imola Blue (well its got a different name but its the same as cinq imola blue). Excellent condition body except for one slight dint in the drivers door under the mirror. Ital push out though and is only minor.

Interior is in lovely condition. everything works! (y) only prob is the airbag light is on :rolleyes: Im not really that bothered tbh. Im not paying £40+ to get rid of a light :p

Engine is average milage for the age (83k) but had the cam belt dont at 79k which is what attracted me to the car. Alot of service history etc and the owner mentioned boo and some other forums so Its been looked after by an "enthusiast" atleast (y)

Drives great! hit 3500k and its like a turbo kicking in :eek: :D and that noise :eek: sooooo nice!!!

Good thing though is that the cinq is still about (y) Photoshoot coming soon :p

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Had these sat around for ages and been itching to get them on.. so much so that I actually fitted them to Babzs cinq for a "trial" run which didnt get as far as actually coming off the drive because, well, Cinqs and 17s dont actually work :rolleyes::p

All been down to them first being on ebay. Me buying them and then realising i needed a set of spigot rings. Got those ordered and came a few days later. Went to fit the wheels and realised there not actually Fiat fit :bang: ... So ordered some Torx Wobbly bolts. Came a few days later and ive had them sat around since waiting for a good, non raining, evening for me to get em on!

Today was the day and im veeerrrryyyy pleased :D

Its completly changed the handling and acceleration though which im a little dissapointed. Steering is noticably heavier and stiffer. Maybe a good thing when I actually get out to try it properly. Acceleration has slowed but not majorly. im suprised though, rim diameter really isnt that different and with a nice torque engine under the bonnet, i didnt expect it to be too noticable.

Ah well, still looks damn good :D Next styling mod is lowering! but thats after I fork out for a new clutch :eek:

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