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Petrol Smell?

Ok not had chance to look at car fully other than before buying it (more on the new car tomorrow once i get pics) so not had chance to investigate, but when i finished the long journey home i noticed a petrol smell coming from the back left of the car (opposite side to fuel tank?) anyone know what this could be? Exhaust looks pretty old if that could cause it (hey the shiney one going on tomorrow anyway) and on monday gonna get on phone to fiat with chassis number nd check if it had the fuel tank recall done?

Cheers for any help
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I was only doing 80...
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Re: Petrol Smell?

Could be the duff fuel tank, the place to look is just above the seam on the passenger's side of the tank.

Saying that, I've never quite fixed the petrol smell on the black one...

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Re: Petrol Smell?

My brothers car was leaking petrol. The rubber washers around the feed and backfeed petrol pipes had perished. Lift up the back seat and undo the diamond shaped piece of metal. 10mm socket to help. Take the plate off and have a look there. If you turn your ignition on while looking at it when the fuel pump primes you will see the fuel leaking out
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