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Technical Fuel smell


Mar 18, 2013
My cinq smells of fuel quite badly. Does anybody know the out diameter dimensions of the filler pipe that goes to the fuel tank? There seems to be a bit of hose there that I think might be the issue?
The outside diameter of the metal part that the filler pie fits to would be great and also the outside diameter of the filler tube itself where it fits over the rubber seal?
Any info would be great.

Ralf S.

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Dec 3, 2003
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I'm not sure about the diameter.. but the Cinq' petrol tank is quite often a bit smelly.

The seal at the neck of the tank is part number 5986244. They seem to be quite available:

The tank (being steel) has suffered from corrosion around the seams, so have a look to make sure there's no leak around yours. The area would likely be stained/damp or it will have affected the paint on the tank where it's leaked out (if it's leaked).

Also check the top of the tank to make sure the top seal around the fuel pump isn't leaking. You can lift the rear seats and remove the diamond-shaped alloy cover to get a look at it.

There's a rubber gasket under a metal collar, held on with about 15 small nuts. If any of those have gone missing, or the gasket has perished you might be getting a leak from there. If it's this one, the smell will be worse when you have a full tank.

Ralf S.
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