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Brake Light

Hi there ive had new Front Brakes fitted, Topped up the brake fluid, And checked to make sure front sensor our in place and back brakes our ok, But still my Light is on the dash all the time,

Any one got any ideas what it could be

The car stops on a penny and the hand brakes as far as i can tell is fine, Need this sorted soon as car needs to go for its MOT soon cheers
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Re: Brake Light

from what you've said i'm assuming the following

1. the light you describe is the low fluid/ worn pad/ handbrake on light (red)
2. the light was remaining on before the brakes were fitted

in that case, i would suggest you firstly check the switch in front of the handbrake lever.

second i would check the sensor in the reservoir

if my assumptions are wrong and the problem is the abs light, or only happened after you had the brakes fitted, let me know as that changes everything.
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