Tuning Fiat Brava 1.9TD 75S, Rear brakes upgrade

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Tuning Fiat Brava 1.9TD 75S, Rear brakes upgrade


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Jun 13, 2022
Hello everyone, I am currently driving a fiat brava 1.9TD 75S Which is running on drum brakes in the rear end.I was wondering is it possible to install the rear brakes from a Bravo HGT or maybe from a Marea 2.4 JTD/TD.If it is possible what would I need to buy? Is it bolt on or I have to buy some aftermarket adapters.Im looking forward to that upgrade due to poor braking power in my Fiat

Thanks in advance, best regards!
Easiest to get Marea weekend (1.6 and bigger engine) subframe/trailing arms swapped. Still drums but bigger. Actually not sure what brakes diesels have as we didnt get them in our area.
Disk brakes have different size pistons and the load proportioning valve may not work with them (also atleast on my 20v marea weekend the load sensing is electronic in the abs module and there is no load proportioning valve).
I swapped 1.6 weekend rear subframe into 1.6 brava as I swapped the trailing arm bearings in it so it was faster to swap in as I needed to fix the fuel tank at the same time (on 20v weekend I had to cut both T/A bolts, and on the spare frame one).

You can swap disks in but setting them up might be iffy. I'd recommend swapping the whole trailing arm or subframe as all the fittings are there.

As for braking performance I would also look at the front brakes as they do majority of the braking, I swapped the 1.6 weekend front brakes in at the same time. Is was bolt on job. 1.6 brava had smaller non-vented disks where the weekend had bigger vented disks.
The setup with rear disks also have much bigger front disks and you cannot fit standard 14" wheels anymore if you install 20v front disks.
Don't change the design of rear brakes it will be a waste of money / time / headaches.

There is nothing wrong with drums on rear . Make sure they are working correctly.

Most of the braking effort is from front brakes. Make sure front brakes working properly.

Best wishes