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Brake Warning light

Firstly, I'm guessing thats what the warning light that came up on the dash was. It was the same as the hand break light without the ! in the middle.

Was driving for the best part of 2 hours solid yesterday, which was quite hot anyway. only rest my car had was for 5 mins when i picked my mate up. I took a wrong turning & ended up at a housing estate with an unsued car park. Turned the car around and ran over someone's front bumper. Don't know how I didnt see it, was hardly moving & was about to miss the England match!

Anyway, both offside tyres ran over the bumper and once I got moving, the light came on and started flickering (not flashing). Sometimes it would stay solid, other times this light would go out and only come on when I pressed the foot break. After the match, all was fine; although i havent driven the car for a similar amount of time in such heat since. There was no (noticable) change when i press the foot break. Any ideas what may have happened?
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Re: Brake Warning light

perhaps you caught the low pad indicator wire and its earthing out intermittently?
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Re: Brake Warning light

i guess you checked the brake fluid reservoir? it may be low due to a leaking clutch slave cylinder or a leak in the braking system. better check to be sure just in case you damaged something and caused a leak.
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