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Update required to car ?

I am new to this forum as I joined on behalf of my partner. She owns a 2011 Gucci and generally car running ok however always had issues with Bluetooth connection or wired when using the phone
The phone is either dropping out or sound quality of call is so poor? Itís not her phone as in our other car which has apple CarPlay it works fine
My question is this a weakness of the headunit or does it need an update that dealer only can perform ?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Update required to car ?


Sorry its a long reply but I do get to your issue eventually

Let me share what we have experienced over the past year albeit not entirely with phones but with the TomTom2 sat nav which uses the same cars BM module and operates with the car entirely via bluetooth.

Firstly avoid dealers if you can. We found their experience of solving, updating or even understanding the system fully somewhat limited other than 'NO it cannot be done or updated' or just 'You need to fit a new BM module' which at times probably would be correct but wonder how many unnecessary modules have been swapped out.

Our journey simply started with wanting to update a faulty useless MagnetiMarelli MAP sat nav on a 2010 Fiat 500 that we bought for our daughter..........spoke to local and other dealers even Fiat themselves and it was a stone wall cannot be done..not possible software is factory installed and cannot be updated.

Our normal day jobs are tracking scammers over the internet so have a couple of guys who if I knew their full history probably worked for Wiki or other skeleton faced lot. Definitely not the Russians or Chinese but the rule is no one asks albeit that new Aston Martin one guy drives makes me suspicious.

Anyway after a lot of researching finally with a bit of code breaking on the Blue Me website we updated our cars software to the required 2nd generation and have a latest fully functional 2nd generation TomTom 2021 maps and latest software. All interacts seamlessly with the phone and no interference. That said I carry a two way radio on a regular basis and do notice if I get in the car with my daughter I get interference on the handset as she switches on the ignition and the cars bluetooth items start linking up to each other.

My first advice is get onto the website.... not as easy now as EOL adobe flashplayer stopped simple access but can still be done. Basic needs to have are an old Windows PC with minimum WIN7 and not one used for any personal data. We keep ours just for Multiscan and access to BlueMe. You may be lucky and the old laptop already has an old version of Adobe Flashplayer on it otherwise alternative options are download MXNitro (free) and with this you can still fully access the official Blueandme website for all the information and download support required. MXNitro though needs to be 64bit.... Next at hand you need a 2GB USB memory stick formatted clean to FAT32....must be FAT32..........then all you need is patience and tenacity.

Since doing our own updates on the daughters Fiat we have ended up in the last year updating and installing to Fiats/Alfas and many campers probably about 100 vehicles to date as well as a few visits to the local dealers searching through their bottom draws and procuring all the TomToms they stuff away. Appears they do not like the hassle they get or questions having to deal with the Sat Navs left with the cars. Anyway many proved useful as we fitted lots free to volunteer helpers doing services into unknown areas during the lockdowns.

Now the bit that should interest you is we have had a few (Sat Navs not phones) but same airwaves that keep dropping out the SAT NAV pairing. What we have done is swapped the SatNavs over with ones from our own cars that have been faultless for over a year and the problem is definitely vehicle specific. One particular vehicle does it every time they go to fuel up at a particular station. Our problem is we do not have sufficient data to really solve/identify this other than if we were to change over the BM modules which is not at all our area of work. That said the BM module is in a possible damp area could it be in need of some TLC on the connections we don't know. Our immediate thoughts are is the drop out being caused by interference in the airwaves. To test this we asked the owner to remove the sat nav before filling the tank then stop down the road and refit. Surprise problem solved so assumably these modern pay at pump stations use some form of airwaves to process payments.....this maybe a weakness in the old BlueMe module technology.

What I would suggest is clean out all the old users and old data through the menu settings ie delete ALL USERS and delete ALL DATA and then re pair up the phone. Then see if you have a friendly member on the forum who lives close by or maybe a used dealer would allow you to test pair your phone on a used car they have for sale on the forecourt and try that car before spending out.

PM me and we can exchange emails and I can send you the various processes and if required to at least update if required or I can download the update files from the BlueMe site for you. All you need to do is cover postage costs and a USB stick if you keep one of mine. Otherwise if you have a windows PC we can transfer files through one of the free web transfer sites.

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