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Question Replacing blue&me with a simple jack input?


I am new here so I hope this is the appropriate forum. My old fiat 500 has a builtin "windows mobile blue&me stuff" that has never worked since I acquired it. I want to replace this with a basic jack input so I can listen to the music on my phone while driving. I don't need anything fancier than that.

So I bought a cheap AUX cable on ebay (cannot post link). I managed to replace the windows mobile thing input by this basic AUX cable. I can now listen to my music… but only for a few seconds before it switches back to another source on the radio.

To switch to this jack source, I click on the "windows" button on the wheel, and set the volume up (it resets to zero for some reason when I switch). The radio displays "VOICE" and I can hear the output of my phone. I'm guessing this is supposed to activate a voice command sort of thing that I am not interested in and that never worked anyway. Does anybody have an idea how to force the radio to stay on that source?

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Re: Replacing blue&me with a simple jack input?

On my Doblo the windows input thing is a USB port next to the handbrake, is that where you have connected the AUX port? If so I'm surprised that works at all, the head unit will have some software that is designed to communicate digitally with a phone through that so sending it an analogue signal (music) it probably wont register anything and switch back to another channel.
I have no idea how you would make the head unit stay on that channel but you could maybe wire the AUX directly into the back of the head unit somewhere, i.e. replace the radio input or another input.

However the much easier way i would recommend is to buy a bluetooth radio transmitter, this is a device that is powered from your cigarrette lighter ( I have a USB one that plugs into the redundant windows port ) and you connect to it with your phone via bluetooth. It then transmits a radio signal which you tune your car into and viola you can play music or handsfree calls or whatever to your car stereo with no wiring faff.

Other alternative is to buy an aftermarket head unit that has AUX or bluetooth compatibility built in and an adaptor plate to make it fit the standard hole neatly. this is obviously more expensive but you can find cheap second hand head units that will be much better quality than the standard one.
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