Technical y reg punto 1.2

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Technical y reg punto 1.2


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Oct 28, 2007
hi all,new member,my fiat punto not working properly,it keeps chugging when you put your foot on accelerator,the oil light is on in dashboard to and wont go out when i drive. someone told me it was ignition coil,but not sure if that is problem,desperate driver,any help would be appreciated.
thanks dave,it wasnt oil light,(sorry) is it management light that its called?not sure,its actually at garage just now,there going check it,hope it doesnt cost too much.
hi all,need quick reply ,garage just phoned me there and said need ecu for my punto,cost £500,supplied and fitted and tested.dont no what to do next,desperate driver,any suggestions.
I was thinking about that myself,second opinion,does any of you know how much it really costs for ecu,it was tested today at garage and they said it was that.If i go somewhere else to get it fixed,i will ask for old one back and get it checked out myself.I think they just said any price to me off top of their head.