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General Worst Valentines ever!


It's all in the name!
Nov 18, 2005
So I was taking the Mrs to the Ace for classic car valentines night and it's our first valentines since we got together so I wanted to make it special. So we get there and it's dead busy and it turns out you have to have booked. DOH!

So we head back home and decide to pick up a chinesse on the way back. The Seicento had other ideas and the clutch cable let go. Coudn't get the AA on our mobiles so walked a mile home in the rain.

So here we are at 10:30pm no dinner, no nice evening and the car is stranded at Asda.

To make matters worse I'm supposed to be working at Gatwick tomorrow and I now have no car.

THe famous FIAT reliability issues finally strike after 3 months of ownership and what a night fo rit to do it!

Yeah....this time last year the 1242 was either reversed into or some scum tried to make off with the wing.

But that is well unfortunate Nick...I'd lend you mine if they were legal!! :)
You can drive without the cable, t'is crunchy whilst learning but perfectly doable, I drove 40 miles without a cable once to get home.

at least you tried, they can't moan if you tried ;)

i didn't know you was supposed to book places on valentines day until today :eek: was lucky though as went early enough to get squeezed in,
didnt know about the special menus either, was going to go itialian new place but was set non vegi menu