Technical Won,t start after turbo build

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Technical Won,t start after turbo build

Jul 26, 2015
Ústí nad Labem
Hi! I just finished build of my 1,4 16v turbo conversion (not T-jet) and now I have problem to start it. To be precise, the car started and ran with the turbo but of course it didn't work as it should, it was just a leak test. This was a test with the original intake manifold, injectors and pump. I had a complete intake with t-jet injectors ready to install, unfortunately the A/C compressor is in the way so I had to remove it. Since the T-jet has a fuel return I had to create one in the original pump housing (long hose from the fuel rail directly to the pump) Since the t-jet has a fuel regulator on the rail, I bypassed the oem regulator in the pump (hose from the pump straight out)Then I installed the DET3 ECU and tried to start, no success.

I checked everything, finally disconnected DET3 but still no start.
So now the engine is with a T-jet intake and injectors, a new fuel return and a T-jet fuel regulator.

Here is a list of what the car does and what I checked:
-Spark plugs have a spark when cranking the engine.
-The fuel pump turns on after turning the key, but not every time. Every about 5 ignition switches. When I disconnected the supply hose from the fuel rail, only a small amount of gasoline came out if any.
-Injectors have 12v when cranking the engine.
-New crankshaft speed sensor

-Because of the DET3, I had to cut and solder the cables to the intake manifold pressure sensor and the crankshaft speed sensor. Now the cables are soldered back to their original length. Someone told me that there could be a problem especially with the crankshaft speed sensor.
-The second lambda is disconnected, instead I have a wideband sensor. I don't think it could be a problem, I forgot to connect it several times and the car drove normally.
-Grounds checked
-Fuses checked
-Relays checked
-Fuel cut off switch checked
-Wiring to the fuel pump checked
-I connected the pump to direct 12v to make sure there is no air in the system.
-Punto have 1 EVAP line and T-jet have 2. On intake manifold where is purge valve, there is T piece. I have purge valve conected but since I have just one evap line I need to block one hose. I dont think this is problem but just in case.
I'm running out of ideas on what to do with it. My last ideas is fault fuel regulator on fuel rail? I also ordered new fuel pump from Grande Punto T-jet, I hope it helps.