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Technical Wing removal


Nov 4, 2003
United Kingdom.
Hi Guys
Am I right in thinking removal of a front wing from a 92 uno is just a case of undoing the bolts and cutting the silicone seal?
Peterg said:
Hi Guys
Am I right in thinking removal of a front wing from a 92 uno is just a case of undoing the bolts and cutting the silicone seal?


Check the Haynes/ Porter manual for the location of some of the bolts as a few are difficult to find.

Other than that it is a simple case of unbolt, cut sealant and remove (y)
Cheers pal
Will consult the manual before I remove.
For everyones info I am purchasing a 3 door 93 1108cc 60s uno to replace a few of my knackered parts so will be open to offers on the rest of the vehicle.
Will post it once I have it.
I hope so as I am buying a 3 door for parts on my 5 door.
I would say at least the wings bumper and bonnet would be the same.
ive taken the wing of a 5 door and stuck it on a 3 door, same for the bonnet (i gave it to chaz) it is identical, there should be no probs for the tailgate/bumpers either.

actually come to think of it i did put a 70sx (5 door) front and rear bumper on an old 45s (3 door) with no problems other than a major fight with rust, dirt and gunk

good luck!

All UK spec Unos, whether 3 or 5 door, are identical from the windscreen forwards (with obvious differences between mk1 and mk2). Tailgates are the same (and can also be swapped between mk1 and mk2 with some modification), and the same applies to the bumpers (again, can be swapped between mk1 and mk2).

The only real differences between 3 and 5 door models are the doors and the interior cards.

I'll be putting on the bonnet (cheers Turboned!) and the front bumper from a 5 door 70SX onto my 3 door 45S very soon (y)

I have a Uno ie start on a M plate , im desperate for seats ! The previous owner must of kept a pet Lion :mad !
peterg - did you get the wing off OK?

It helps to have a deep 10mm socket for the nut in the door pillar behind the carpet holder. Also, cutting through the caulking from inside the wing seemed to work best. Use the sharpest, longest knife that you dare... :)

The caulking is not exactly silicone - more a latex - it has the texture of cork and is really tough stuff to try and peel off... The bolts are hardly necessary to hold the wing on once that stuff's set! As I discovered, a trial fit helps before you apply the adhesive...

You are so right Alex took all the bolts off and the wing seems like it is welded in place.
Broke one blade so far cutting the seals will have ago once more when I get a bit of daylight time.
I begin to wonder why they didn't just glue the whole Uno together with that stuff... not having any spot-welds would have saved a great deal of electricity, and maybe there would be less corrosion... :)

There is also some grey gooey stuff in the corner of the wing near the windscreen, but that generally seems to pull off easily so don't bother too much with trying to cut it...

About 1/3 of the way along the top, forward from the windscreen, there seems to be a classic rust trap which will probably require your attention while the wing is off ;)

Maybe when you've finished mixing and matching, it'd be nice to see some photos of your efforts?

You will not be too impressed as I use my uno as a workhorse.
Being a plumber I am sick of having vans getting broken into.
Since having the non descript uno with a roof rack and tardis like space with the back seats down I have not had a single incident.
Coupled with the low insurance and easy parking and not being charged at the council tip to dump old boilers the uno is a dream car if not dream looking which is why I like her so much.
Excellent! I'm glad to hear it! :)

Actually, while we're on the subject of confessions...
My Uno Turbo is my 'hack'. It's the scruffiest of my three cars, and it's actually quite embarrassing to have to lend it to people after their (Japanese) cars have died and my other cars are off the road mostly for the road license fee saving... It's the only car I've had in a long time where half of one side is in grey primer, and where the bonnet has more dents than I've had hot dinners (in the last six months!)

It's strange that it has turned out this way, as the Uno Turbo was very tidy when I bought it, and usually my cars get better with age - this is the first one to get worse! I'm hoping to reverse the trend soon, with the replacement bonnet, new paint, and a planned upgrade to the stereo/clean of the carpet, etc.

My Alfa 164 is the 'nice'-looking car (which never gets driven, been in the garage for three months now) and my X1/9 gets an outing once a month or so, when it usually rains and I spent the next couple of hours drying it and repolishing the paintwork.

The Uno often lives outside, though at the moment it has the reprieve of a garage space with the other two, while the Celica weathers the elements... And of course, I go to work on a scooter :D

My real baby is my Mercedes 300 SL 24V I have attached a pic, unfortunately I have a real baby arriving in a few weeks time so she has to go.
Looking at a Citroen XSARA Picasso hdi which seems to tick all the boxes as a family car.
Will of course be keeping the uno for work and running around in.


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I know this is a little old but my technique for removing the wing was to use a handheld electric saw with a long blade to cut through the sealant. Doing it by hand was a bit of a bugger but the electric saw made light work of it. Just thought others might like to know.